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Fast Deliveries

Our lead time is 2-3 days from order placement & we provide daily order schedules planned months in advanced for your warehouses convenience.

50% First Delivery Discount

Save up to $5000! Exclusive offer for new warehouses looking to order with us. depending on order amount.

Flexible Pricing

Our pricing is based on current market conditions, it is not a one time price. We adjust pricing depending on order amount & consistency as well as market conditions.

Guaranteed Stock

We can offer you a guaranteed amount of pallets per day or per week depending on your warehouses needs. Stop worrying if you will have pallets delivered, with us you will.

Price Matching

If you let us know how much you are currently paying for pallets we are always willing to work with you in finding the best solution possible when it comes to beating your current price.

How our clients are benefiting from working with us

We don’t just provide pallets, we simplify the entire logistics process of dealing with pallets in your warehouse from receiving to recycling. 

Daryl H.
Daryl H.Logistics Manager @ Mississauga Warehouse
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We have generated a little over $30,000 in extra PROFIT in 2020 because of your recycling trailer drop program, not to mention your pickups have saved us huge amounts of warehouse space which we have been taking advantage of storing other more important products and tools.
Leonard K.
Leonard K.Operations Supervisor @ Brampton Warehouse
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We were going from supplier to supplier trying to fill orders this past Q4 of 2020 it was a mess until we contacted you guys. We have had our trailers full and ready these past few months every week without any additional stress about stock shortages, I can't thank you enough
Steve C.
Steve C.Floor Operator @ North York Warehouse
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The items we store on our pallets are of the heavier variety ranging from 2000-3000 pounds... until we found Apex Pallet we would have to throw away at least 10% of our pallets due to cracking or just damaged boards. We have yet to replace one damaged pallet in 6 months since switching over to you.

Pallets & Services

Ranging from pallet delivery to pallet pickup

Heat Treated Wooden Pallets

These are our strongest and highest quality pallets available. They are ISPM-15 Heat Treated & & GMA Approved.

Grade 1 & 2 Recycled Wooden Pallets

Our recycled pallets are all managed and fixed at our warehouse to ensure the highest quality.

Euro Pallets & Blue Pallets

We have a range of different custom pallets that are available at high quantities at certain times.

Pallet Buying / Recycling Drop Trailer / Pickup

We are able to generate your business thousands extra profits & save your warehouses a huge amount of space with our pickup programs.

Pallet Furniture & Custom Pallet Designs

Check out our variety of pallet furniture and pallet DIY. We are able to build beds, couches, benches, recliners and many more pieces of furniture. 

Pallet Bed

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Feel free to contact us for any more questions or concerns.

Apex Pallet creates and repairs all pallets that are brought into the warehouse.

We are able to make a very large quantity of new pallets & great amount of recycled pallets. 

Apex Pallet is able to deliver pallets all across Ontario either from our own warehouse or through a partner.

We currently only do deliveries for over 100 pallets but are always available for smaller quantities picked-up.

All our Heat Treated Pallets are manfactured and treated using ISPM-15 a certified state-of-the-art on-site heat-treating chamber.

These pallets are all ready and approved to be shipped domestically & internationally.

We will guide you to find the most appropriate pallet for your specefic needs; whether it be a new pallet, recycled pallet or any other wooden pallet.

We are eager to help your business out. 

Our lead & delivery time is 2-3 days within order submission/request. 

This is something that we focus on providing all of our clients which will let you predictably plan for pallet stock and deliveries. 

Our prices are based off of stock levels in order to guarantee timely deliveries consistently. We also offer price matching (please mention this when contacting)

Depending on the quality of pallets you have at your warehouse we are able to offer up to $3 per pallet. We also have a drop trailer switch program where we leave an empty trailer at your warehouse for you to fill, saving you space.

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