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DIY - Pallet Furniture

Take your home to the next level with our unique custom pallet furniture


Custom Pallet Furniture

Apex Pallet is proud to be the first pallet supplier / logistics company to be offering Custom Pallet Furniture in Missisauga, Toronto & the GTA. 


Choose Your Pallet Furniture Type

Pick from either one of our Pre-built pallet furniture pieces or create a custom set with your own specifications


Decide On Using New, Recycled Pallets or Euro Pallets

Pick from our new heat-treated pallets or grade a recycled pallets to build your pallet furniture with


Pickup Your Order Within 3 Days

Pay online or e-transfer and your order will be ready for pickup within 3 days at our warehouse

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Transform Your Home

Eye-catching & unique pallet furniture can take your living areas to the next level

Pallet Beds

Pallet Couches

Pallet Furniture

Custom Furniture


Pallet Types For Furniture

New Heat Treated Pallets

Starting at $25.00 CAD

Standard sizes start at 48 x 40. New pallets are available in a wide assortment of custom sizes and dimensions. Contact for more information.

Custom Wooden Euro Pallets

Starting at $20.00 CAD

Euro Pallets are available in 48 x 40. These pallets are perfect bed frames & couches. Extremely sturdy and reliable pieces of wood are used in the creation of these pallets.

Recycled Grade 1 Pallets

Starting at $20.00 CAD

Standard sizes start at 48 x 40. Recycled pallets offer a rustic & old fashion look compared to New & Euro. These pallets are a little less expensive compared to New & Euro.

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