Pallet Recycling & Disposal 

sell us your pallets

Do you by any chance have huge piles of unwantedunused or broken pallets taking up storage space in your warehouse? 

We can help free up that space as well as generate extra revenues for your business

Pallet Pickup

50+ pallets only
Daily Pick-ups
  • 1. Email Or Call The Quantity Of Pallets To Sell
  • 2. We Will Send Truck For Free To Your Location
  • 3. Pickup Pallets & Other Recycling If Needed
  • 4. Send You A Cheque Or Bank Transfer Per Pallet
  • Recycle, Save Space & Generate Revenue

Trailer Drop-Switch

Weekly Pick-ups
  • 1. Contact Us & Setup Dock Door For Our Truck
  • 2. We Leave Our Empty Trailer At Your Door
  • 3. Load Trailer With Pallets Until Full
  • 4. We Pickup Full Trailer & Replace With Empty
  • Recycle, Save Space & Generate Revenue

More Storage Space

By selling us your unused pallets you are able to save a very large amount of warehouse space that would otherwise go unused due to your pallets laying around and taking up space!

Great Prices Per Pallet

Depending on the type and amount of pallets that you have on a weekly basis we are able to provide you with great prices and quotes each week for a more secure revenue source!

Waste Disposal

Apex Pallet strives to maintain reliable pickups and consistent recycling & waste disposal. Never worry about wasted materials as we will find use for anything you may have.